Gordie’ s Garage Provides Lift Kit Installation in  Roseville, MI 


You see them on the road all the time. Trucks, Jeeps and many SUVs  towering above other vehicles and sporting a set of huge, rugged tires that  look like they could take on any terrain. 

Whether you’re an off-road enthusiast or you simply like the aggressive  look of a lifted vehicle, our lift kit installation specialists at Gordie’s Garage  are here to take your truck or SUV to the next level.  

Choosing Your Lift Kit 


At Gordie’s Garage, we provide different types of lift kit installations  depending on the type of vehicle, how high you want to go or what size  tires you need. 

Regardless of which lift kit you choose, the result will be the same: An  increase in the height of the vehicle. But you will still have some decisions  to make before purchasing a lift kit. 

Do you want to increase performance on the trails or are you only  concerned with the general aesthetics?  

Body Lifts or Leveling Kits 


Body lifts and leveling kits will simply lift the body off the frame, leaving  factory components in place and making no changes to the suspension of  the vehicle. 


So if you don’t plan on doing any off-roading but still like the enhanced  look and slightly more road clearance, you can achieve this with a body lift  or leveling kit.

Full Suspension Lifts


A suspension lift also raises the height of the vehicle, but this type of lift kit  requires an overhaul of the suspension components, including longer coil  springs, torsion bar keys, coil spring spacers, and heightened leaf springs.


This lift kit option will alter vehicle handling and performance, so if your  goal is to take your truck or SUV to the trails and have some fun without  getting stuck, a full suspension lift will be your best option.


Why Hire a Professional to Install Your Lift Kit in Roseville,  MI? 


In a world with YouTube and Google at our fingertips, installing a lift kit  may sound like a simple job, but any mistake could potentially cost you  thousands of dollars in damage or jeopardize road safety. This is  especially true with full suspension lift kits since you are replacing factory  parts and altering the position of steering and suspension components. 


Our professional mechanics at Gordie’s Garage will make sure your lift kit  is installed correctly and inspect the wheel alignment, steering, brakes and  shocks to make sure everything is functioning properly, and most  importantly, safe to take on the road.

Schedule Your Lift Kit Installation in Roseville, MI 


Are you ready to get your truck or SUV lifted up? 


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