Gordie’ s Garage Provides Lift Kit Installation Near St. Clair Shores,  MI 


As durable as today’s trucks, Jeeps and SUVs are straight off the  assembly line, they’re probably not equipped for any true off-roading  adventures.


If you enjoy taking your vehicle off the beaten path or simply prefer a  higher vantage point, a suspension lift, body lift or leveling kit can increase  road clearance, enhance off-road performance and create some serious  street appeal with a robust and aggressive looking ride. 


Are you ready to get lifted? Then look no further than Gordie’s Garage,  located in Roseville, Michigan. Our experienced technicians provide lift kit  installations near St. Clair Shores, Warren and throughout the Metro  Detroit area. 


Not all lift kit installations are created equal and choosing your lift kit will  depend on what your goals are. If your main concern is altering the look of  your vehicle and you plan on sticking to the paved roads, a body lift or  leveling kit may be all you need. But if you’re ready to take your truck or  SUV to unexplored terrain, a full suspension lift will be required.


Benefits of Body Lifts and Leveling Kits 

  • Lifts the body from the frame and achieves the desired aesthetics of  increased height. 
  • Higher vantage point increases driver visibility allowing for more reaction  time. 
  • Increases ground clearance to accommodate larger wheels and tires.
  • Typically a more cost effective option as all factory parts remain in  place. 

Added Benefits of Suspension Lifts

  • Instead of lifting the body from the frame, as in body lifts or leveling kits,  a full suspension lift will upgrade steering and suspension components,  which will increase performance for off-roading.
  • Allows for larger tires than a body lift or leveling kit, resulting in more  ground clearance.

Maintaining Your Lift Kit Installation for Optimal Performance 


Regardless of the height of any vehicle, maintenance is key for road safety  and extending the life of your car, truck or SUV. 


With a lifted vehicle, there are some additional maintenance checks to be  mindful of. For example, you will want to have the suspension re-torqued  at least every 5,000 miles. Even if you are not doing any extreme  off-roading, hitting rugged terrain over time may cause suspension  components to become loose. 


If you do take your lifted truck or SUV on an extreme off-road excursion,  it’s always a good idea to have it inspected afterward, as suspension,  steering and wheel alignment can become compromised. Simply contact  Gordie’s Garage to schedule your inspection and our ASE Certified  Technicians will address any repair or maintenance needs. 


Schedule Your Lift Kit Installation Near St. Clair Shores, MI 


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Contact Gordie’s Garage today to schedule your lift kit installation or feel  free to call us with any questions about which type of lift kit will be suitable  for your needs and type of vehicle. 


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