In order for your car to stop quickly, your brake lines must be unhindered as they allow the brake fluid and the braking system to create the hydraulic pressure that stops your vehicle. With leaking brake lines, your vehicle will not be able to stop in time, and that’s not good at all. At Gordie’s Garage, when you bring your vehicle to us, our auto mechanics will use their state-of-the-art equipment to make certain that your brake lines and the braking system can stop your car in a panic.
In the Roseville and Detroit Metro Area, you can’t take a gamble with poor brakes. If you want to reduce the risk of an accident as you drive during rush hour traffic, doing errands around town, to and from your appointments, or during stormy weather, you must repair and maintain your brakes, brake lines, and the entire anti-lock braking system. Gordie’s Garage will be happy to service, repair, and document all of the work we do to your braking system via checklists and the photos we take on our iPads. Our auto repair process makes for an excellent customer service experience and builds a lifetime of trust with you, the person were keeping safe by properly maintaining and repairing your brakes.
Since our winters are pretty cold with snow storms, our area uses a lot of salt on the roads. This salt can rust the car chassis underneath, damaging the fuel and brake lines, which cause them to leak. Brake lines are often made of metal which can corrode. In the Roseville region, an 8-year-old car is considered an old car by those standards. When your car doesn’t have rust on it, our team of auto mechanics can tell your vehicle is from somewhere else, like from down south.
To illustrate our point about old cars and brake lines, here is a kind 5-star review from long-time client, Kelly, who eventually had to donate her beloved old car:
“I have always had great service from Gordies garage, I've been a customer with you for many years! You have always treated me fair! And i appreciate that! :-) Thanks for treating me like a valuable customer! My Monte Carlo LS has died on me, it has 227,117 miles on it and always has been a great car! It always had a great running motor in it! Now things are about to fall off the engine so i donated it to mother waddles! It will cost me over $3,000 to get everything fixed just to make the car safe for the road! The car is too old to put A lot of money into! I'll miss that car a a lot! :-( Thanks again for the great customer service! :-) Kelly.....”
If you suspect issues with your brake lines or brakes, let our team of ASE Certified auto mechanics take a look to see the extent of needed repair. To make an appointment, you may schedule online or call us directly. Just a quick trip from the cities of Warren and St. Clair Shores, Gordie’s Garage is located at 29046 Calahan Road in Roseville. We look forward to seeing you soon.
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