Is your vehicle due for fuel injector service? If you are located in the Roseville area, then Gordie's Garage is your best choice for auto repair. Our ASE-Certified Auto mechanics and staff are skilled, professional, and friendly. Because we establish relationships based on honesty and trust, we have become the go-to auto repair shop for Roseville car owners.
What is a fuel injector? The purpose of the fuel injector is to take pressurized fuel, from the fuel pump and spray it into the piston where spark and air combine and create combustion. Hence the name combustion engine. The injector itself has a needle in it and works somewhat like a sewing machine. If the injector gets clogged or if it fails electrically the vehicle may exhibit a misfire. In some situations a defective injector can lead to the vehicle not starting or overfueling and damaging the catalytic convertor.
Based on your specific needs and situation, we will map out a repair plan so that you can take care of the most urgent repairs first, and put off less pressing issues until next time. This way, we prioritize your needs and the needs of your vehicle to keep you driving safe.
Are you interested in hearing what our customers have to say about our auto repair? Take a look at this recent 5-star review from Sanyam S.:
“I sent a Subaru for a pre-purchase inspection to Gordie's. They did an excellent inspection and sent me the pictures of all the problems it had. Saved me from the trouble I would have gotten in later if I had bought that car. Will recommend them to my friends.”
All diesel engines use fuel injectors, and so do gasoline engines. The only difference is that gasoline-powered engines may have a fuel injector that is direct or indirect. To learn more about how this works and to see if your fuel injector needs service or maintenance, see us at Gordie's Garage in Roseville. Our ASE-Certified Auto mechanics will explain to you the issues, if any, with your fuel injector and we'll even walk you into the shop and show you exactly what we're talking about. If your fuel injector needs service, let us know by calling us at (586) 218-3819. We look forward to hearing from you!
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