Looking for Lift Kit Installation Near Warren, MI?

There’s no denying that lifted trucks and SUVs command a presence on  the road. Owners of lifted vehicles not only rule the pavement, but  depending on the type of lift kit installed, they could dominate almost any  terrain.

If you’re looking for a lift kit installation near Warren, Michigan, Gordie’s  Garage can modify your vehicle’s suspension and give it the lift it needs  for bigger, better wheels and more road clearance.

People choose to install lift kits for various reasons. Drivers of all ages  enjoy off-roading and mud bogging in northern Michigan.


Many hunters own lifted vehicles as it enables them to easily travel to their  blinds and tree stands without getting stuck.


You also have the owners of lifted vehicles with no desire to leave the  pavement but simply like the robust and mean look of a truck lifted six  inches and sporting 35 inch tires.


So where do you fall when it comes to lift kits? Which type of lift  installation is the best solution for your vehicle and personal needs? Keep  reading to learn answers to common questions from drivers considering a  lift kit installation.


How Do I Choose the Right Lift Kit for My Vehicle?


If you are looking to have some fun with off-roading adventures, full  suspension lift kits will be the best solution.


Suspension lift kits completely change the dynamics of the vehicle’s  steering and suspension by replacing factory components with the  aftermarket parts needed to enhance off-road performance. 


If mud bogging and off-roading are not important, and your only concern  is turning your truck or SUV into a mean looking machine, a body lift or  leveling kit may be all you need as factory parts remain in place and the  body is only lifted from the frame.


Does the Age of My Vehicle Affect the Lift Kit Installation? 

The age of your vehicle may impact your lift kit installation, but this doesn’t  mean you’re required to own a brand new vehicle.  

If the vehicle is getting up there in age, there is chance we might have to  replace some front end components before installing your lift kit. Parts  such as, ball joints, CV axles, sway bars, etc. may need to be replaced. It’s  crucial to address any of these older components before the installation in  order to avoid future problems.


Contact one of our ASE certified technicians at Gordie’s Garage for a  complete inspection to make sure your vehicle is lift kit ready. 

How Do I Know if My Lifted Vehicle Will Fit in My Garage? 


Before you decide on how high you want to go with your lift kit, you will  need to determine if it will fit in your garage.

Be sure to consider, not only the height of the lift, but the height of your  new tires as well. Also, allow extra room for natural lifts that may occur,  such as snow.

Schedule Your Lift Kit Installation Near Warren, MI    Get your vehicle lifted up and off-road ready! 


Gordie's Garage is a full-service auto repair facility that has been servicing  Warren, MI and the Metro Detroit area since 1980. 


Call us today to schedule an appointment for your lift kit  installation or consult with one of our auto care professionals about which  lift kit will best accommodate your needs.

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