I am very pleased with taking my car to Gordies. they take care of my car and understand my questions. As a woman that means a lot to me.

Thanks for being a customer for so many years! Gordie's Garage
5 Gordie's Garage 10/13/2017

They are an awesome place with very friendly knowledgeable customer service. They kept me well informed what was happening while they repaired my car. I will definitely use them again and of course refer others to them.

Communication is so important. I am glad we hit the mark. Thank you very much for taking the time to review us. Gordie's Garage
5 Gordie's Garage 10/12/2017

Came in for an oil change & new wipers but they caught a couple of other things that need to be done: i.e. tie rod end, new battery, new radiator hose. Good to get those diagnosed before the cold weather sets in. Going back in a couple of weeks to have these done. Service always with a smile, comparable pricing & expert technicians. What more can one ask for?

4.5 Gordie's Garage 10/9/2017

Had a stripped out drain plug on the oil pan and Gordie did the repair himself in a hour and I was back on the road saving my weekend trip! Thanks again Gordie!!

Awesome news! Glad your trip was a success! Thanks for the kind words about Gordie. Gordie's Garage
4.5 Gordie's Garage 10/7/2017

Best car repair company in the area. Fast, HONEST, friendly. what else could I ask for My first choice for car repair

Thanks! Gordie's Garage
5 Gordie's Garage 9/26/2017

My care would not start yesterday and I called Gordie's and they sent a towing company to pick up my car, Gordie's drove me to a car rental place to get a car and I made it work, they called me a few hours later with the results and a great price! The rental company gave me a discount rate for using Gordie's and a bad day turned into a winner and my car is running great!!!

I love getting stories like this. We aim to do more than just fix cars. We are so excited we played a role in your great day. Thank you so much for the opportunity to service your vehicle. Gordie's Garage
4.5 Gordie's Garage 9/23/2017

I am always satisfied with the professional experience that is the cornerstone of Gordie's Garage!!

Thanks Mr. Rice. Thanks to for being such a long time customer!! Gordie's Garage
4.5 Gordie's Garage 9/21/2017

Made an appointment... 3 days earlier for 8am... 230pm haven't even touched the car full well knowing I needed it Friday latest... well? There goes a customer

Mr. Wiesemann, I apologize you had a bad experience. I can certainly understand from the outside looking in that you felt your vehicle wouldn't have been repaired for you by Friday. I can assure you that your appointment to drop the vehicle off at 8 am Thursday was scheduled and the vehicle would have been repaired for you by the time you needed it on Friday. However, we should have communicated to you your appointment was to drop the vehicle off and not necessarily the exact time the vehicle will be pulled in and diagnosed. We appreciate you giving us the opportunity and if we can be of assistance in the future please don't hesitate to call. Gordie's Garage
1 Gordie's Garage 9/14/2017

A very trustworthy and friendly shop! I thought I needed brakes done (a different auto shop told me I should get them soon) and Gordie's actually told me I had many more miles to go before I needed to replace them. Thank you!

Honesty is key. Thanks so much. Gordie's Garage
5 Gordie's Garage 9/6/2017

Friendly, professional, and great service! I needed my car back for the holiday weekend and Gordies Garage did not disappoint! They kept me updated and completed my repairs in time for my vacation. Thank you!

Great to hear. Glad the vacation was good. Gordie's Garage
5 Gordie's Garage 9/1/2017